OpenNMTWebClient - C# OpenNMT REST API Web Client

  OpenNMTWebClientis a no-so-simple vs2013 C# .net 4.5.1 API REST client to call an OpenNMT REST server.

By default this page uses a CATALAN -> SPANISH model. This model uses the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya corpus. You can try to translate from catalan to spanish for instance any text from:

This is proof of concept/development server, no availability or perfomance guarantee.

If you have an OpenNMT API REST Server, you can use it. Click on the client settings hyperlink below. The code expects a case feature mode in the target side. Tokenization, if any, on the server side.

Expected command in the server:
th tools/rest_translation_server.lua -host -port nnn -case_feature true \
[-joiner_annotate true -joiner ■ -mode aggressive -replace_unk -segment_numbers] \
-model /your/model.t7 [-gpuid 1]

- You can find the source and the readme file in

Click here to display REST settings
Type or paste some text. By default there is a sentence segmentation. Performance depends of GPU use in server and single line/multiple line calls    

(c) 2018 miguel canals - - MIT License